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Our Concrete Flooring Finishes & Flooring Services

Concrete Flooring Finishes: Concrete Grinding, Polishing, & Staining

At Advanced Environmental Services, we are flooring experts offering a variety of flooring services for commercial and industrial clients. Our flooring services include the application and installation of a variety of concrete flooring finishes such as epoxy floor paint and concrete stain. We also offer a variety of flooring services for large and small commercial, industrial, and residential projects including vapor barrier application, concrete polishing, and concrete grinding.

If you are interested in any of our concrete flooring finishes or flooring services, please contact us at Advanced Environmental Services. Our flooring experts can tell you about the advantages of different concrete flooring finishes and help you determine which option is best for you.

Concrete Flooring Finishes for Commerical and Industrial Applications

As a leading flooring company in St. Louis, our complete flooring services include:

About Our Concrete Flooring Finishes

We offer the application or installation of several different types of concrete flooring finishes including epoxy flooring, chip systems, PVC flooring, and concrete polishing and staining. These flooring options are ideal for any industrial plant or commercial facility including manufacturing facilities, distribution plants, warehouses, residential or commercial garages, pharmaceutical facilities, and retail shopping centers. Our concrete flooring finishes can make any space look like new and can drastically improve the cosmetic look and functionally of a space. To learn more about our concrete flooring finishes and to find out which option is best for you, please contact us to speak with a flooring expert.

St. Louis Concrete Floor Finishing Services

One of our available concrete flooring finishes that our flooring experts can install is epoxy floor paint. Epoxy floor paint is a durable and high performance concrete floor finish that can be applied directly over new or old concrete surfaces. This concrete flooring finish offers a high gloss, durable surface that is ideal for use in industrial and commercial buildings.

Our other options for durable concrete flooring finishes include concrete polishing and concrete stain application. Polished concrete offers an equally attractive, high shine alternative to epoxy flooring. This concrete floor finish is achieved by grinding down the surface of existing concrete until it is smooth and shiny. Polished concrete reflects light and is virtually maintenance free. Additionally, some individuals prefer adding a concrete stain to polished concrete floors. This can give concrete floors the look of more expensive flooring finishes including marble or granite. Like epoxy flooring, polished and stained concrete flooring finishes are easy to clean and will not trap dirt, dust, or other debris.

About Our Additional Flooring Services

In addition to offering the application and installation of a variety of types of concrete flooring finishes, we also offer a variety of other flooring services for commercial and industrial clients. We have the equipment and expertise required to handle any size job. Additionally, because we are a qualified environmental remediation company, we can also remove flooring containing asbestos, lead, or any other hazardous material prior to new flooring installation. Our flooring services include vapor barrier application using reliable liquid epoxy moisture barrier products. We also offer shot blasting and concrete grinding services, flooring and adhesive removal for carpet, hardwood, epoxy, vinyl, and ceramic tile flooring, and concrete underlayment pumping for non-repairable concrete floors.

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