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Epoxy Floor Paint Application Services in St. Louis

Epoxy Floor Paint Application & Installation

At Advanced Environmental Services, we offer professional epoxy floor paint application and installation services using high quality epoxy floor coatings. This epoxy floor paint is a durable two part epoxy coating that dries to become a hard wearing, durable surface. Our epoxy floor paint can be applied directly over new or old concrete floors in a simple and quick installation process. This epoxy flooring is ideal for a variety of applications including in commercial and industrial buildings.

To learn more about our epoxy floor paint application services and to find out if this flooring solution is right for you, please feel free to contact the epoxy flooring experts at Advanced Environmental Services.

Our Epoxy Floor Paint Application Process

Our professional epoxy floor installation team has been factory trained and certified by the manufacturers to insure proper application and product warranty validity. We are committed to supplying our clients with a process and end result that are truly spectacular. Our epoxy floor paint application services can transform dirty or old concrete floors into clean, attractive flooring resulting in a professional and sophisticated looking facility.

Because our epoxy floor paint installers are highly trained and experienced, the epoxy flooring application process when working with Advanced Environmental Services is quick and hassle free. We can install epoxy floor paint in facilities of all sizes with our quick application process. When installing our durable epoxy coatings, we use special rollers to ensure smooth and seamless application even over cracked, old floors. This application process can be completed quickly in order to allow you to get back to business.

Epoxy Floor Coating Application Services in St. Louis

When applying epoxy floor paint, our professional installers can combine the use of multiple colors in order to create a unique pattern or design. We can also use different colors to incorporate your company logo into your flooring. Contrasting colors can also be used in industrial plants and warehouses to designate forklift traffic zones, other work zones, or safety zones around equipment and machinery.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Paint

Because it is extremely durable, scratch and chip resistant, and long lasting, epoxy floor paint is the ideal flooring for a wide variety of types of applications. For example, epoxy flooring is ideal in aircraft hangars, warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution facilities, processing plants, commercial kitchens, animal and pet care environments, healthcare facilities, and more. Our durable epoxy floor paint offers:

Epoxy Floor Coating & Epoxy Coating Application in St. Louis

  • A chemically resistant surface
  • An attractive, high gloss finish
  • An impact and scratch resistant coating
  • An easy to clean, nonporous, and seamless surface
  • A highly reflective surface
  • A slip resistant flooring solution
  • An affordable and quick flooring option

Learn More About Epoxy Floor Paint

If you are interested in learning more information about how our epoxy floor paint can create a smooth, attractive, and easy to clean flooring surface for your commercial facility, manufacturing plant, or industrial facility, please feel free to contact us with your questions. You can also learn more about epoxy floor paint by referencing the resources below.

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