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Vapor Barrier Installation Services in St. Louis

Vapor Barrier Installation | Liquid Epoxy Vapor Barriers

At Advanced Environmental Services in St. Louis, we offer the application of several types of seamless liquid epoxy vapor barrier products. These products are made by trusted manufacturers to ensure reliable performance. Our vapor barrier products are ideal for a variety of types of commercial and residential applications especially during fast track construction projects.

These liquid vapor barriers cure quickly and can be applied over even new concrete subfloors to protect flooring surfaces from water vapor and liquid. To learn more about how our liquid epoxy vapor barrier installation services can fit your needs, please feel free to contact our epoxy floor installation experts at Advanced Environmental Services.

Our liquid moisture barriers offer a number of benefits including the ability to reduce vapor transmission to near zero. Therefore, our vapor barriers can help eliminate and prevent the occurrence of future water and mold problems. Additional benefits of using the liquid vapor barrier products that can be applied by our professional, experienced installers include:

  • Zero VOC rating for LEED and GREEN construction projects
  • Ability to treat 25 lb. MVER – 100% humidity concrete
  • Quick & professional application with little need for downtime
  • Available 10 year guarantee

Areas for Vapor Barrier Application

Our vapor barrier installation services are perfect in a variety of applications including in commercial or industrial buildings. These vapor barriers will prevent moisture transmission in new or old floors, which can reduce or eliminate the risk of future mold or moisture problems. Our liquid epoxy vapor barriers can be applied under a variety of flooring surfaces including hardwood flooring, tile, carpet, and vinyl flooring. Some areas where we recommend the use of our vapor barrier products include in:

  • Interior Residential Applications: Rental apartments, condominiums, and homes
  • Interior Light Traffic Commercial Applications: General office areas and small retail stores
  • Interior Commercial Applications: Office buildings, hotel rooms and hotel hallways, restaurants, and cafeterias
  • Interior Heavy Traffic Commercial Applications: Hotel lobbies, convention centers, airports, shopping malls, grocery stores, and department stores
  • Interior Institutional Applications: Hospitals, schools, universities, libraries, and government buildings
  • Interior Industrial Applications: Warehouses, factories, and food processing plants

Our Liquid Vapor Barrier Installation Process

Our professional epoxy vapor barrier installation teams at Advanced Environmental Services in St. Louis are factory-trained personnel capable of delivery high quality installation results. These experts can provide quick and accurate installation of one of our several types of seamless liquid vapor barrier products in order to prevent moisture penetration through concrete subfloors.

The reliable liquid vapor barrier products, which we use, can be applied on new or old concrete surfaces as long as the concrete floors are structurally sound, solid, and stable. These products are ideal for new construction and fast track construction projects, as they will penetrate and bond with wet or dry concrete floors. These products can even be applied over concrete as recent as five-days old. Our vapor barrier installation services require little downtime and will cure in as little as 5 to 12 hours.

It is important that our installers take several key steps before beginning the liquid vapor barrier installation process. This includes properly cleaning concrete subfloors to remove any dust, dirt, oil, grease, paint, concrete sealers, or lose particles. Additionally, we will perform important relative humidity testing procedures prior to vapor barrier application. After completing the initial preparation stages, our installers begin the liquid epoxy vapor barrier application process, which often includes only a quick one-coat application.

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